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Sitecore Identity Part 3: Connecting to External Identity Provider

Introduction Sitecore Identity Provider was implemented based on IdentityServer4 framework. IdentityServer4 doesn’t dictate how authentication to be done or what application can use the identity provider. It’s up to the implementer to decide that. In previous blog article, we discussed … Continue reading

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Sitecore Identity Part 2: Identity Client and Resource Authorization

Introduction In the previous blog we discussed fundamentals of OAuth 2.0 and Open Id Connect. We discussed the implementation of these two protocols in Sitecore Identity Server using IdentityServer4 framework. We also discussed, how Sitecore Identity will play the role … Continue reading

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Sitecore Identity Part 1

Introduction There was a time when applications were simple and so was the application security. Things have changed with rise of internet. Software applications are not confined in a desktop, in a server or in an organization anymore. Today when … Continue reading

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A Youtube Connector for Sitecore Media Framework Part 4 – Google Authentication

In this blog post, I will talk about how I am authenticating to Google service via OAuth2 protocol to access my Youtube account from Sitecore. To use any service in Google, first I need to create a project in the … Continue reading

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