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Custom Theme MVC View Engine for Sitecore Multisite Implementation

Custom MVC view engine for extending theming in the MVC application is a well discussed topic. You will find it in many discussion forums and in many blog posts. The problem in question is, how can you extend the theme of … Continue reading

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How to fix: Multiple types were found that match the controller named issue in Sitecore Application

This blog post talks about the above mentioned MVC issue for the applications built on Sitecore. If you are here and your application doesn’t have anything to do with Sitecore you probably should look at this stackoverflow post. In a Sitecore … Continue reading

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Sitecore Pipelines and Unity

This is continuation of my earlier blog post Sitecore MVC and Unity. In that post I discussed how with a minimum effort we can use Unity as the DI Framework for the Sitecore MVC application. In this post, I will discuss how … Continue reading

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Sitecore MVC and Unity

Using a Dependency Injection (DI) framework in ASP.NET MVC project is most common thing. I have used DI in almost all my MVC project and the one I use most is Unity. I know, Ninject is cool and most used … Continue reading

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Learning Sitecore MVC minor adjustments

I decided to learn Sitecore MVC. Where do I start? As always, the answer is google 🙂 If you google the search keyword ‘Sitecore MVC’, you will hit this popular and useful video Sitecore MVC – Getting Started (Part 1). I … Continue reading

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