Compilation issues with Sitecore Commerce 9 Business Tools SDK, a.k.a Sitecore BizFx SDK

Like Sitecore Commerce 9 Engine SDK, which is used for creating custom plugins, Sitecore Commerce 9 Installation package also comes with Sitecore Commerce Business Tools SDK. This SDK is used to modify the Business Tools. For example, if you want to add a new commerce entity and you want to manage that from the Business Tools, you have to use BizFx SDK.

Now, there are multiple issues to make BizFx SDK working in Sitecore Commerce 9 update-1. Here is the list.

  • You may not have @speak and @sitecore registry in your .npmrc file. Run following commands to add them in the .npmrc file

    npm config set @speak:registry=

    npm config set @sitecore:registry=


  • “@sitecore/bizfx”: “^1.1.9” is missing from package.json. Add that.
  • “@speak/icon-fonts”: “~1.0.2” is missing from package.json. Add that.
  • “@speak/ng-bcl”: “~0.8.0” and “@speak/styling”: “0.9.0-r00078” are missing from Sitecore npm repository:
    For some reason Sitecore has not included these version of Speak npm packages in npm repository. They have included the packages with the Sitecore Commerce 9 installation package in the root directory. You need to install these packages from the file system. Modify “@speak/ng-bcl”: “~0.8.0” and “@speak/styling”: “0.9.0-r00078” as follows in the package.json.

    “@speak/ng-bcl”: “file:../speak-ng-bcl-0.8.0.tgz”,
    “@speak/styling”: “file:../speak-styling-0.9.0-r00078.tgz”,

Once above changes are done, save package.json and run the command ‘npm install‘. This will install all the required packages to the solution. If the BizFx SDK compiles without any error, run the command ‘ng serve‘. This will host the Business Tools in webpack dev server. If you go to http://localhost:4200, business tools will be launched.

Webpack will throw port not available error if SitecoreBizFx site that is installed with Sitecore Commerce 9 is running in IIS. Stop this site and run the command ‘ng serve‘ again.


About Himadri Chakrabarti

I am a solutions architect and a Sitecore MVP. I am focused on Sitecore and Ecommerce development. Opinions expressed in my blogs are my own.
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